Do authentic storytelling at scale

Capture authentic stories from real people on video so you can amplify your impact.

A full service platform to turn your
stories into engaging content.

You have so many great stories to tell, but producing video from real people is time consuming, expensive, and difficult to do well.

Current options leave many of your best stories untold.

Remote Interviewers + AI Powered Production = More Storytelling

Many of your best stories are left untold.

Capturing great stories from real people on video is time-consuming and expensive. Our platform makes video storytelling accessible.

Telling great stories should not be that hard.

Remote Interviewers + AI-Powered Production = Authentic Storytelling at Scale

Capture your best stories, effortlessly.

You have incredible stories to tell, we built a full service platform that lets you do it like a pro. You point us to your storytellers, we handle the rest.

Arbor’s unique combination of human interviewers and AI-powered production, helps you capture and share your stories on video at a surprisingly affordable rate.

Whether you’re looking to…

Raise More Funding

High quality, authentic storytelling helps your donors forge an emotional connection to your cause increasing charitable giving.

Engage your community

Create a consistent stream of authentic stories to share your impact with your community. Keep your engagement high and grow your volunteer base.

Diversify Your Reach

Our remote interview process makes storytelling more accessible. Share diverse stories to expand your audience and make your impact more inclusive.

Amplify Your Mission

Share compelling stories about the impact that you make, and encourage people to join the mission.

Tell empowering stories with our full service platform.

High-quality storytelling meets cutting edge tech.

At arbor, we believe that great stories create action. We are a group of curious creative strategists and technology executives with a shared love of narrative. Our background in award-winning documentary filmmaking, movie scriptwriting, television production, and consumer marketing helps your org tell impactful stories in a compelling way.

Designed by experts from

Our platform has helped produce thousands of authentic stories. Here are just a few of the companies and organizations we’ve worked with.

Award-winning Filmmakers + Tech = Stories with IMPACT

The arbor platform provides an end-to-end solution to activate powerful storytelling for your organization.

Expert storytellers

High-quality content without borders

One simple, turnkey content platform

Surprisingly affordable

Expert storytellers

  • We help everyday people become great storytellers so you can make meaningful, lasting connections with your target audience(s), not every month or every quarter, but every day.

  • We specialize in teasing out the hidden gems that will truly connect with and move your audiences to action.

High-quality content without borders

  • Because we shoot remote, you get storytelling without borders

  • Now you can capture a range of stories quickly and globally

One simple, turnkey content platform

  • Fully produced, high-quality short-form HD video content, ideal for digital media

  • arbor AI turns video content into a content strategy

  • Our platform effortlessly scales to meet your most demanding storytelling needs

Surprisingly affordable

  • We use a human touch up front and powerful tech in the back end to keep your content creation efforts low touch and low cost

  • With just one video, you can create a stream of multi-channel content at a fraction of what you would pay a traditional agency

Award-winning Filmmakers + Tech = Stories with IMPACT

The arbor platform provides an end-to-end solution to activate powerful storytelling for your organization.

Here’s how arbor captures your stories.

The arbor platform provides an end-to-end solution to activate powerful storytelling for your organization.

#1 Live Story Capture (Remote)
Arbor journalists work with your storytellers to capture authentic stories through a friendly interview done remotely.

- Send home recording kit
- Schedule session
- Prepare storyteller
- Live human interview


#2 Feature Story Production
Arbor production staff turn the remote interview into a high quality video Feature Story, using our proprietary AI Production Studio.

- Collect personal photos
- Edit to a tight narrative
- Add B-roll, and music
- Find engaging clips

#3 Content Generation
In addition to the Feature Story, you will get 10+ pieces of shareable content tailored for specific marketing channels.

- Short Videos
- Images with Quotes
- Blog (SEO Optimized)
- Email Copy


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arbor has produced over 1,000 stories for orgs, communities, and families


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arbor has produced over 1,000 family stories